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Unique Talent Show By Budding Teachers

Talent shows are fun ways Students to express themselves creatively. Often times the most challenging part of being in a talent show is settling on the perfect act. These great talent show ideas might help Students find the perfect routine for their talent show. here are many talent shows that go beyond the usual acting, singing, dancing. Some go off the beaten track, but don’t fail to entertain you. Most people have no idea about what they are capable of, until they step onstage and present their first performance. Finding your voice and talent is a beautiful feeling, which boosts confidence. It can also be a great stress buster.Talent stays latent until it gets an opportunity to bloom. Talent shows have often been the trigger that’s required by inherent creative tendencies to bloom and reach their full stature. Talent shows give you that opportunity. Many renowned artists of today were first discovered at talent shows organized in schools or other competitions. So it’s important that initiative be taken to organize such events and participate in them with gusto. Here are some talent show ideas, ranging from the offbeat to popular ones.

India 75 – Stories Untold Initiative Web Based Narration of Prospective Teachers (17th March 2022)

India 75- stories untold initiative, a web based narration conducted by AC Ennovation collaborated with Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Education and to motivate the teacher-trainee to become a story tellers. Programme was organized by IQAC of our college on 17th March 2022 by ZOOM platform. Sessions were handled by Teri Lott, USA Story teller, author, retired teacher and Meera Vishwanath, India storyteller, founder of story basket. First Teri Lott narrated the stories by using narrative toys and explained important about 3 P’s (Preparation, Puppet and Public Domain), art of explanation and how a teacher could be effectively used by storytelling completed by an end song. Followed by Teri Lott, Meera Vishwanath narrated the story with puppet show trainees enjoyed lot by her way of presentations and some of the materials which used for preparing puppet were explained in details. Finally, our trainees Saraswathi, Sandhiya, Yamuna, Hafila Banu, Dhevadharshini, Sivaraman, Akshya Chandran, Bhuvaneshwari, Ramya and Kokila impressed to the organizers by narrated their stories in a creative way. Major Rajan founder ACEnnovation and Dr. Neena Gupta Co-founder encouraged the participants. Effective interaction session done and participants who participated in the web based narration appreciated the college of education for organizing such a wonderful programme. Totally 185 participants benefitted from the programme.

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