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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Every student in the Institute is expected to be involved only in activities that are likely to maintain the prestige of the Institute. Each student should behave respectfully with all.

Following actions constitute the Institute code of conduct.

  • Dress Code : Students are required to follow the dress code prescribed by the Institute, every day except Saturday. So that the students belonging to all economic strata are accommodated equally.
  • Honesty : Malpractices/Cheating during test/examination or knowingly furnishing false information are prohibited and strictly dealt with at the same time things like plagiarism are prohibited for faculty also.
  • Transparent Administration : With the help of MIS online information is maintained regarding attendance of students and conduction of classes by teachers. Biometric attendance of Students, fee structure, payment etc is maintained online.
  • Disciplined Conduct : Any behaviour obstructing teaching, administration, other proceedings or activities in the campus are entitled for punishment.
  • Respect for women : Students must take care that his/her behaviour is impeccable toward opposite gender. Any unwelcome behaviour towards female students and employees in written, spoken, gestural or physical directly or indirectly would be dealt with as per the Law.
  • Daily assembly : The day starts with assembly with agenda of prayer, thought of the day, thirukural; news reading followed by Birthday wishes and Thought for the day. Achievers are felicitated and their efforts are appreciated.
  • Prohibition of Ragging : Ragging is any conduct by a student as an individual or group of them whether by words spoken or written, or by an act, which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling the fresher or any other student with rudeness will be treated as ragging and will be entitled for disciplinary action.
  • Hostel Discipline : Rules and regulations are laid down for conduct in Hostels has to be strictly followed by each student.
  • Possession or use of Fire arms, Fireworks, Explosives, Weapons or items of destruction are prohibited.
  • Conservation of Natural resources, Energy and Environment: Every student and Staff is expected to be aware of these things and maintain the conduct accordingly.
  • Cleanliness : Every student and staff is expected to maintain the general cleanliness within the classrooms, laboratories and the campus in general.

Code of conduct for Teachers

  • Every Teacher shall discharge his/her duties efficiently and diligently to match with the academic standards and performance norms lay down by the College Management from time to time.
  • Every Teacher shall update his/her knowledge and skills to equip him/her professionally for the proper discharge of duties assigned to him/her.
  • Every Teacher shall conduct himself/herself with absolute dignity and decorum in his/her dealing with the superiors, colleagues and students every time.
  • No teacher shall absent himself/herself from duties at any time without prior permission from higher-ups.
  • No teacher shall accept any honorary or other assignment given to him/her by any external agency without the prior permission of the College Management.
  • No teacher shall associate with any political party or take part in any other organizational actively, which is not in line with the duties and ethics of the teaching profession.
  • No teacher shall attempt to bring any political or outside pressure on his/her superior authorities in respect of service matters.
  • No teacher shall participate in any strike or demonstration and /or indulge in any criticism of College Management policy or of the Government for any reason whatsoever.
  • No teacher shall act in any manner that violates the norms of decency or morality in his/her conduct or behavior inside and outside the College Campus.
  • No teacher shall incite, provoke or instigate any students or any other member of the staff into any form of action against the College Management, or that seeks to disrupt the academic activities of the College.
  • No teacher shall by act or deed degrades, harass or insult any other person for any reason whatsoever or act in a manner unbecoming of the teaching profession.
  • Every teacher in the service of the College shall at all the time strive for academic excellence in the discharge of his/her duties and conduct himself/herself in the manner of a perfect role model for others to emulate.
  • The College Management may, however, at its sole discretion provide an opportunity to the teaching staff for presenting his/her case through a personal hearing before taking a final decision. The decision of the College Management will be final and binding and will not be subject to any appeal to any individual or forum.

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