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Alumni meet has been conducted on 23.12.2017; few former students have been participated for share occurrence to other and gave tips for success contribute study material for library

  • To encourage the present day students to become effective teachers by organizing seminars, workshops and national conferences.
  • To bring together the ex-students of the college as often as possible for there mutual benefits and for the benefit of the college.
  • To create funds and arrangements then for
  • Helping needy people

    Honoring teachers for their instruction.

    Promoting Education.

    Carrying on Social Welfare activities.

  • To Co-operate with other Associations in the larger interest of education.

Alumni Association

Si No Members Designation
1 M.Manikandan President
2 S. Poyyamozhi Vice President
3 P.Rajendran Secretary
4 P.Pugalendhi Joint Secretary
5 P.Ramesh Treasurer
6 C.Manimaran Executive Committee
7 P.Ravikumar Executive Committee
8 S.Balasubramanian Executive Committee
9 N.Lakshmi Executive Committee


We conduct our Alumni meet on a regular basis to help our members of our college. It plays a key role in basis to help our members stay connected with the Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan tradition. Special programs are conducted to pool our resourceful Alumni members to the benefit of the student community. The Alumni are considered to be the asset of our institution. Their contribution is very essential for the development of the institution and the activities of the association are summarized as:

  • Knowing the status of the Alumni and offering suggestions according to their status.
  • Passing the resolutions of the Alumni of the institution regarding their future plans.
  • Providing job opportunities to the students who studied in the institution.
  • Helping the present students who are poor with the help of the Alumni who are in higher positions.
  • Conducting Guidance to the present students about the recent employment trends with the help of the Alumni.
  • Guest lectures by the Alumni on various topics. (Related to Technology, TLM, New Trends, etc.)
  • Giving guidance and counseling for the higher studies of the students.

Top 10 Alumnae

Si No Stage / Level
1. Mr.R.Karthick, M.Sc.,B.Ed., P.G.Assistant, Govt.Higher Secondary School, Kunnam, Perambalur(Dt)
2. Mr.V.Velmurugan, M.A.,B.Ed., P.G.Assistant, Govt.Higher Secondary School, Labbaikudikadu, Perambalur(Dt)
3. Mr.V.Vimal, M.Sc, M.Ed., P.G.Assistant, Vanpugal valluvar Higher Secondary School, Asoor, Perambalur(Dt)
4. C.Muthamilselvi,M.A.,B.Ed., Govt.Higher Secondary School, Irrur, Perambalur(Dt)
5. Mr.P.Balamurugan,M.Sc.,B.Ed., B.T.Assistant, V.Kaikattai, Perambalur (Dt)
6. P.Maheswari,B.A.,B.Ed., B.T.Assistant, Govt.Higher Secondary School, Keelapalzur, Ariyalur (Dt)
7. Mr.S.Saravanan,B.Sc.,B.Ed., B.T.Assistant, Govt.Higher Secondary School, Melapuliyur, Perambalur(Dt)
8. Mr.P.Pugalenthi,B.A.,B.Ed., B.T.Assistant, Govt.Higher Secondary School, T.Kalathur, Perambalur(Dt)
9. Mr.S.Srinivasan,M.A.,B.Ed., B.T.Assistant, Govt.Higher Secondary School Pennagaram, Dharmapuri(Dt)
10. Ms.N.Nargees Banu, M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil., B.T.Assistant, Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Arts and Science for Women, Perambalur(Dt)

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Education organized in 19.12.2019 "ALUMNI MEET "- a programme to facilitate, consolidate and coordinate Alumni Activities at Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Education at Auditorium. The alumni meet is to reconnect with the Alumni and celebrate their success and various achievements. The Alumni started arriving in college by 11.00 a.m. and they were received by the registration team and they have been asked to fill the registration form. The Alumni Meet started with a welcome address by the alumni association president Mr.K.Pazhanisami. The meeting was graced by the Principal Dr.K.Santhakumari.

Alumni also interacted with the students and gave motivational talk regarding preparing for higher studies and placements. Students asked many questions regarding placements and the alumni shared their views. Alumni donated the books in the institution.

Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Education conducted its Alumni Meeting on 23rd December 2017 with immense pleasure and heartfelt happiness. The students of an Institution is always equivalent to the first child for a mother.

Alumni Meet

Alumni Association conducted Alumni Meet on 22.12.2018 at 10 A.M. We celebrated it in a grand manner at Seminar hall. The programme started with "Tamizthai valthu" and followed by the welcome address of our beloved principal. There was a small interaction between the alumni of various years of passed out. There were lot of fun events with special prizes arranged for alumni and for their kids. The alumni were excited to bring back their golden days of their collegehood.


Alumni meet has been conducted on 23.12.2017; few former students have been participated for share occurrence to other and gave tips for success contribute study material for library

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