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Orientation Programme

Child Rights and Protection

Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University in collaboration with Thozhamai-Solidarity for rights, organized the Refresher program for Teacher educator on Child Rights and Protection was held on May 31, 2024 at Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Education in Perambalur. In this Program 42 Teacher educators participated from Ariyalur, Trichy and Perambalur districts. The training program aimed to enhance the knowledge and skills of teacher educators in the syllabus of Child Rights and Protection, ensuring they are well- equipped to educate and advocate effectively. The principal of the college welcomed the gathering. Dr.R.Rajalakshmi, Asst.professor at TNTEU addressed the introductory session, Key speakers included Mr.A.Devaneyan, Director of Thozhamai, Ms.Stegna Jency L.T., and Director of the Centre for Child Rights and Development, Dr.Annadurai.M, Advocacy Manager at Thozhamai and Ms.Aiswarya.G, Advocacy Manager at Thozhamai. covered several key areas essential for the child rights, An identifying contemporary issues in child protection, effective teaching methods, creating supportive environments, advocacy and outreach techniques and monitoring evaluation strategies, formation of Child Rights Club. Vote of thanks was given by Mr.S.Prabakar, Project Co-Ordinator, Thozhamai.

An orientation program on Child rights and Protection 27 October 2023

Our parent university decided to change the core paper in semester II from the academic year 2023-2024, Trichy Zone. An orientation program is a valuable tool for introducing teacher-educators to a new subject. It can help teacher-educators to understand the subject matter, to set expectations, to get an overview of the course, to create a positive learning environment, and to answer any questions that student-teachers may have. With association of TNTEU we conducted one day orientation programme on Child Rights and Protection on 27 October 2023. Experts, NGOs, University representative and social activists from child rights and protection and its related wings were participated and explained the topics from child rights and protection by their significant key note addresses.

Welcome address was given by Dr. K.Santhakumari followed by that, Dr. R. Rajeswari assistant professor department of value education, TNTEU Chennai, gave the inaugural address, followed by her, Mr. Devaneyan gave the significant note on various forms of violence: consequences and causes, Prof. Andrew Sesuraj gave his significant note on understanding child rights-The need and concepts, Ms. Stegna Jency gave her significant note on child rights mechanisms, Laws and Policies, Dr. M.Annadurai gave his significant note on Child Friendly Schools and Role of Teachers, Mr. B.S. Vanarajan gave his significant note on Skills for Child protection and participation, Mr. P. Muthumanickam, Mr. Mohammed Husain gave the introductory speech on Child Rights and Protection. To introduce the subject matter and its relevance of child rights and protection this helped to generate interest and excitement for the child rights and protection networks and organizations. Introductory speech of the resource persons was to set expectations on the new course of child rights and protection.

This can help teacher-educators to prepare for the subject and to succeed, and this can help teacher-educators to plan their studies and to make the most of the course which create a positive learning environment on child rights and protection which can also help how to build a sense of community among the students. This can help to ensure that teacher-educators are comfortable with the subject child rights and protection and that they have all the information they need to succeed. Overall, 45/51 teacher-educators participated and benefitted.

Orientation programme

Orientation programme program has been conducted in our college on 25.10.2021. The Orientation programme is an opportunity to introduce the new students to life at the Institute and facilitate a smooth transition the new life. The objective is to help both undergraduate students and their parents adjust to the campus through a series of activities and sessions organized as part of the programme.

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