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Communication Skill Development

IQAC organized the program on communication skill development for our student-teachers on 7th June 2023. The purpose of this program is to provide training in communication skills for their employment. The target of audience our student-teachers who are going to appoint as teachers in reputed intuitions in forthcoming years. The key objectives of the program are to:

  • Emphasize the student-teacher’s knowledge on need for communication
  • Enhance their skills on communication
  • Provide participants with hands on experience in a variety of group activities.

Dr. Saseetha and Team, TALENT cell, Dhanalakshmi group of Educational Institution, Perambalur gave a brief introduction about need and scope of communication especially for teacher’s community with audio visual aids. After the completion of the session our student-teachers divided in to 5 groups which include a number of hands-on activities, such as self-introduction, narration about family and friends and importance of listening to make perfect communication. The program was evaluated by using variety of methods by participant feedback and the result of the evaluation will be used to improve the program in future. Overall 110 student-teachers were benefitted by this program.

IQAC of Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Education organised communication and skill development programme for our student-teachers for further develop their skills on teaching. Basic, essential and soft skills were covered and practiced by the resource persons. Overall 230 II B.Ed. student-teachers were benefitted by this communication skill development programme. The lists were attached as follows.

DaysName of the Resource PersonTopic covered
Monday (March 27) Dr. Veeranathan. SParagraph Pass – Team Leading personality – Word building skill
Tuesday (March 28) Dr. Vengo Regis. XTenses – Forms and Usages, and Practicing
Wednesday (March 29) Mr. Senthil. MQuestion Tags and Skill Activities
Thursday (March 30) Mr. Durai KandasamyTET Introduction - Puzzles – Re-arrange the words – Practicing.
Friday (March 31) Dr. Vengo Regis. XSkill Practicing – Significance of PODCAST Listening

Unique Talent Show By Budding Teachers

Talent shows are fun ways Students to express themselves creatively. Often times the most challenging part of being in a talent show is settling on the perfect act. These great talent show ideas might help Students find the perfect routine for their talent show. here are many talent shows that go beyond the usual acting, singing, dancing. Some go off the beaten track, but don’t fail to entertain you. Most people have no idea about what they are capable of, until they step onstage and present their first performance. Finding your voice and talent is a beautiful feeling, which boosts confidence. It can also be a great stress buster.Talent stays latent until it gets an opportunity to bloom. Talent shows have often been the trigger that’s required by inherent creative tendencies to bloom and reach their full stature. Talent shows give you that opportunity. Many renowned artists of today were first discovered at talent shows organized in schools or other competitions. So it’s important that initiative be taken to organize such events and participate in them with gusto. Here are some talent show ideas, ranging from the offbeat to popular ones.

Unique Talent Show By Budding Teachers

Communication skill development training was conducted for final year Student teachers by IQAC-DSCE with SYASAN’S Career analytics, Chennai from 18th April to 23rd April 2022. Trainers from SYASAN’S Career analytics, Chennai were conducted this program. Goal settings and SWOT, presentation skills-Extempore speech, communication skills-sentence form, tense, time management and prioritizing, e-mail writing skills, team building-developing high performance teams, resume buildings-video profiling, outcome based Teaching, personal interview and grooming, 6 thinking hats, responsible usage of social media and creativity workshop were covered in this workshop by the trainers.

Professional Development

Professional development program has been conducted on December 15, 2017.Our faculty member were discussed for the following themes on Professional development for me is not a destination but a journey of milestones and achievements. Process of improving and increasing capabilities of staff through access to education and training opportunities in the workplace, through outside organization, or through watching others perform the job. Professional development helps build and maintain morale of staff members, and is thought to attract higher quality staff to an organization.

Skill development program has been conducted On October 29, 2017, by Dhalakshmi Srinivasan group of institution. The chief gust Mr. Augustine Christopher arrived from Bharathidasan constitution art & Science College and he has conveyed speech about skill development through to students. In this program useful for our student. .

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