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The reachability of any content basically depends upon the language used by the communicators. In our College, we have established well equipped language lab so that the teachers and students can access a variety of audio and video lessons. Separate hours for practice are provided to our students and interested students are encouraged to make a greater use of the language.

Along with the conceptual framework to develop the concepts of learning, memory, retention, span of attention, etc., the students teachers are instructed to carry out the experiments on these concepts. Our College holds a well structured psychology lab with innumerable apparatus and tools to carry out experiments effectively. Regular sessions are elevated to encourage the students make use of the psychology laboratory productively.

Also, various terms in Educational Psychology can be made understandable provided with well planned drill and practice.

In order to make the students actively the practical work related to Physics and Chemistry should be made a prominent feature in their course period. In our College, the Physical Science Laboratory has a good collection of both Physics and Chemistry working static models, equipments, apparatus and chemicals related to high and higher secondary level. Providing Laboratory Practical work helps the students,

  • To rehearse the experiments to be performed in their respective schools availing preliminary and intensive teaching practice.
  • To perform experiments and to maintain a practical record notebook.

The enjoy and meaningful educational endeavors carried out by our prospective biology teachers in the Biology Lab are:

  • Preparation and examination of microscopic slides
  • Preservation of Specimens
  • Demonstration of experiments
  • Exploration of physiological process
  • Development of teaching models
  • Dissertation work
  • Maintenance and Establishment of bottle gardens, etc.,

Apart from these, the discussion on various issues in Bio-Science are held to help the student teachers gain cognizance of the recent trends and developments in Biology.

We have a well equipped and furnished Computer lab in our College. It is the hub of all activities of Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Education. There is free Internet connectivity all through the college working hours and it is a boon to all the students. Also, our lab is providing an innovative teaching methodology like CAI, e-Content development, SLO, etc., So as to realize the present need of the society and interest of the students.

In our College, we have a mathematics lab where the student teacher get training in converting mathematical principles to mathematical experiments and it helps to fined different ways to impact effective mathematics education. We have the mathematics laboratory which holds a collection of tools for communicating and getting to understand concepts, relations, algorithms etc. The purpose of Math Lab is to aid students in developing their mathematical abilities. Our college is providing a periodic session for all the students to active the mathematics lab systematically.

Work Experience

The students are facilitated and guided to make many socially useful productive things such as office covers, files, Teaching learning materials, edible items, cosmetic items, Arts and Crafts items.

Tailoring, Embroidery, Carpentry, Book binding, Spiral binding, Thermocol cutting, Xeroxing are some of the work experience subjects that are taught.

Out of many learning in the course, ‘the fittest of the survival’ is very important one. In order to achieve this, we provide the following work experience training.

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