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"The destiny of India is being shaped in the classroom" - Kothari commission.

A teaching skill is a set of teacher behaviors which are especially effective in bringing about changes Education is the bipolar process in the context of classroom, there is one pole is teacher and another is student. Teacher Education College's curriculum is divided into two parts, namely theoretical works and practical work. Theoretical work relates to the foundation of education for teaching as well as evaluation. To teach students, teacher keeps various general and specific objectives. After completing teaching learning process, to measure the achievement of the objectives teacher uses various kind different kind of evaluation system. Teacher also uses various kind of activity, so that the maximum outcomes of the teaching-learning process are possible. Teacher use various activity is known as the technique. In the era of the globalization, teacher uses various kinds of teaching technique. microteaching it had been said that microteaching is not the process of teaching, but it is the process to get the skill. Now, the training of the teacher microteaching becomes the technique of make a teacher to skilful.

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