In our institution, we organize Tamil Mandram for our students so as to make them proficient in the use of Tamil Language, classical literature and tradition of the world. In order to develop the oratorical skills of students, they are encouraged to participate in various elocution competitions conducted outside the campus, also. Programmes are arranged to widen the literary interest of the students.


Learning English Language is directly proportional to the employability of students and it enhances the quality of students by promoting good communicative skills among them. English Literary club is functioning to promote these products in an effective way. As a part of its various activities, eminent experts in English Language teaching are brought to our campus to orient our students on successful pedagogical patterns for teaching and learning English.


Present Era is an era of Science and Technology. It is very important to impart the scientific approach among the students by means of providing direct experimentation and experiences. In our Institution, Science Club is providing opportunities to the students to do the mini- project along with their subjects additionally. Also, it arranges special seminars, Lectures by the expertise personalities from the fields concerned and provides information through arranging industrial visits.


Every invention has its own value and importance. Every research has its own need and importace of individual and the society. An innovative approach towards any activity definitely lead the individual in a productive way. The Research Club of our College aspires the M.Ed students to take up the new approaches and themes for their research work by means of providing different and innovative scientific experimentation and seminars.


Environmental Education is very important in all levels of learning in order to protect and preserve the nature from the unexpected natural calamities. ECO-Club, in our institutions actively conduct many programmes related to the nature and its importance so as to bring the awareness of environment and our eco – system among the training teachers. Also, the different activities assigned such as volunteers to address environmental issues, community sensitization work where actions are organized to get community involved and formulating recreational activities that brings students close to nature.


Mathematics is queen of all subjects. The club was formed to bring together students interested in the ‘beauty’ and the ‘mystery’ of the Mathematics. The main aim of the Mathematics club is to develop the analytical thinking and logical reasoning among the students. This club helps to enhance the interest and good attitude towards the subject, Mathematics, game play method is introduced and also be a place for staff to try innovative teaching methods, with no right or wrong answers, using conjecture and discovery and linking with other subjects.

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